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Reasons why
too much screen time is bad
for your health

In this day and age, we cannot disregard the fact that gadgets and electronic devices are already part of our daily lives. And sometimes, we forget to limit our daily screen time exposure. Whether our daily use of gadgets is part of school, work, leisure or recreation, too much screen time can lead to vision impairment and long-term medical conditions – which we may not be knowledgeable of until you read more.

Look, one of the most affected is our vision health. So here are the reasons why too much screen time is bad for your eyes and overall health.

Eye and Body Strain.

Too much screen exposure can lead to eye strain. It can leave your eyes feeling dry all day resulting in blurry vision, and a higher chance of retina damage. While this is developing, you may not notice that you are putting your physical body at risk too – yes, hunching over your gadget all day can affect your posture that causes stiffness to the neck and shoulders.

eye strain
eye irritation

Vision Impairment and Irritation.

If you constantly find yourself being sensitive to light, experiencing headaches and watery eyes, and feeling a burning eye sensation, it’s time to cut down on spending too much time in front of your computer.

People blink 66% less when they are in front of their screens resulting in experiencing these symptoms of eye irritation. As early as now, long-term effects can be prevented if precautionary measures are observed.

Permanent Vision Damage.

Myopia is the leading diagnosis among adults and children experiencing eye problems brought by too much screen time. While genetics can be a major factor for acquiring Myopia and other eye problems, excessive use of gadgets is yet another big factor that needs to be prevented.

eye problems
sleep problems

Sleeping Problems.

Being in front of the screen means you are exposed to blue light. And at night most especially, screen time disrupts our sleep because it messes with our sleep-regulating hormones. Sleep deprivation can lead to decreased cognitive function, mental fog, memory problems, lower energy levels, and mood changes such as stress, irritability, and even depression

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